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Last Week for Federal Home Visitation Program Unless Congress Steps In

A popular federal program that pairs trained professionals with young and expecting mothers will...

Sun Sets on Los Angeles County’s Child Protection Reform Team

The transition team tasked with implementing widespread child protection reforms in Los...

$30 Million Proposed to Assist Older Foster and Homeless Youth

A California-based policy shop is asking for a $30 million expansion of...

Adoption Incentives Bill Clears Senate, Heads to President

A bipartisan and bicameral child welfare bill to restructure adoption...

Vision Therapy to Address Learning Disabilities? One L.A. School Official Says ‘Scam’

by David Kolin In what one school official called a “scam,”...

Q&A: “The Fosters” Creator Peter Paige

“The Fosters,” a television drama about a same-sex couple raising...

The Business of Positive Youth Justice: Measuring Success

By Guest Writer, March 26, 2015

Last week, our Positive Youth Justice series explored the use of positive youth development (PYD)...

The Business of Positive Youth Justice: Changing Staff Perception

Children’s Mental Health: A Dish Best Served in The Home


NY School Psychologists Earn C on Child Abuse Reporting Test

By Holden Slattery When New York state school psychologists were tested on their ability to detect child maltreatment and their likelihood to report it to child protection authorities, many displayed knowledge deficits and a reluctance to report. This led Farleigh Dickinson University researchers to propose that schools require their psychologists to take refresher courses on maltreatment identification and reporting. The 274 school psychologists participating in the study, which was published in November’s issue of Psychology in the Schools, scored a 72 percent on a written test of their overall knowledge of child maltreatment...

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This article first appeared on The Denver Post on October 21st, 2014. A newborn was allegedly beaten to death and questions arise to why the investigation was closed before that. Read on HERE.

This appeared on the StarTribune on October 21st... GREENVILLE, S.C. — The two major challengers to South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley used their final debate Tuesday to attack her handling of problems at the state's child welfare agency and what they said is her lack of support for a law to take guns away from people convicted of criminal domestic violence. Read on HERE.

The Las Vegas Review Journal posted an article about an advocate calling for new leadership for child welfare system. Read more HERE.

Kevin Dinnin is the CEO of a faith-based, nonprofit organization called BCFS, formerly known as Baptist Child and Family Services. This obscure charity has emerged as one of the biggest players in the federal government's response to the influx of more than 57,000 unaccompanied children who have trudged across the southern border so far this year. On July 7, two days before Dinnin met Obama in Dallas, the Department of Health and Human Services awarded BCFS $190,707,505 in a single grant.