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Number of California Foster Youth Aging Out Cut Nearly in Half, for Now

The number of foster youth in California who age out at 18...

Citi Foundation’s Launches $50 Million Jobs Initiative for Youth and Young Adults

The New York-based Citi Foundation has announced a three-year, $50 million commitment...

Calif. Legislation Would Bolster Child Welfare, Education Info Sharing

In the wake of a federal law giving child welfare agencies direct...

Q&A: “The Fosters” Creator Peter Paige

“The Fosters,” a television drama about a same-sex couple raising...

Los Angeles Social Workers Plan Walkout

Los Angeles County social workers, frustrated over pay and increasing...

Bills in Both Houses to Overhaul Adoption Incentives Program

Both houses of Congress are moving on legislation that would...

Vision Therapy to Address Learning Disabilities? One L.A. School Official Says ‘Scam’

by David Kolin In what one school official called a “scam,”...

For Juvenile Justice, Let the Past Inform the Future

By Robin Jenkins, April 14, 2014

It has become more apparent to me that the future of juvenile justice reform may...

For Teens in Child Welfare System, “Day in Court” Often Disappoints

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Improving Children’s Mental Health

According to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20 percent of children experience a diagnosable mental health disorder (such as depression, anxiety, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism, or Tourette syndrome), but only 21 percent of diagnosed children receive the treatment and services that they need. The research also shows that childhood mental health disorders can be treated and managed more effectively when they are diagnosed and treated early. To read the full report, please click HERE. ...

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The New York mayor's office denied court officials' claims that child welfare workers were undermining his reforms by failing to file required paperwork. Instead, they say, the problem lies in the fact that the city doesn't have sufficient legal right to force judges to keep abused child cases open, as NY Mayor de Blasio vowed to do in the wake of Myls Dobson's death.

On March 21, the US Department of Education released the latest round of the Civil Rights Data Collection – a survey of schools and districts that offers information about discipline practices and access to vital educational resources including early childhood education, teachers, and rigorous courses by student race, ethnicity, and disability.

Wisconsin has become the first state to formally render the act of re-homing illegal, reports FOX. Re-homing generally involves an adoptive couple finding another parent for a child they don't want, and it most frequently happens with adoptees from other countries.

A Fox News columnist (and psychiatrist) rails against transfer of the 16-year-old Pennsylvania stabber to adult court.