ICWA Puts Tribes’ Interests Ahead of Children’s

On November 26, 2013, a Spirit Lake Indian reservation woman was sentenced to 30 years in prison for throwing her step-grandaughter down an embankment and killing her. Lauryn Whiteshield and her sister had been removed

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Marie K. Cohen
About Marie K. Cohen 68 Articles
Marie K. Cohen (MPA, MSW) is a child advocate, researcher, and policy analyst. She worked as social worker in the District of Columbia's child welfare system for five years. She is a member of the Citizen's Review Committee for the DC Child and Family Services Agency and the DC Child Fatality Review Commission and a mentor to a foster youth. Follow her blog at fosteringreform.blogspot.org, on Facebook at Fostering Reform or on Twitter@fosteringreform.


  1. The idea that Indian children get a better worse deal underthe ICWA is ridiculous, the act really needs to strike Indian from in from of children and families and apply to all American children and families. Right now the states are using a standard of injustice that doesn’t even come close to the ideals Congress thought they were getting when it was enacted. And the ICWA is the number one standard states know they fail at because they don’t even try reasonable active efforts as there is hardly any penalty to state doing illegal acts.

  2. This is a biased and unfair article that fails to document the importance of connecting Indian children to their culture. It’s easy to find a horrible tragic case in any culture to make your point. It is also transparent and shows a complete lack of understanding of the generational consequences of removing Indian children. I am a non-Indian person who understands the law and has seen first hand the devastation caused by failing to implement it. Congress knew what they were doing and they got it right!

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