California’s Continuum of Care Plan: An Opportunity for True Reform

In the summer of 2012, the State Legislature enacted Senate Bill 1013 which mandated that the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) launch a broad-based, stakeholder process to determine how to reform California’s foster care

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About Jim Roberts 20 Articles
Jim Roberts is the CEO and founder of the Family Care Network and a 43-year veteran of human services.

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  1. It continually baffles me that you people are STILL not specifying what even warrents removal from bio parents. The “eminent” danger of lasting physical or mental harm is a JOKE. How can you tear families apart based on non-criminal alleged refferals, no trial, no jury of peers, no conviction, NO CHARGES of wrong doing, based on hearsay, mis-communication, mistaken idenity, and really, what qualifies you life wrecking demons to make any kind of judgement call AT ALL, while delaying, delaying,until the children have been damged beyond repair by a corrupted system that has no goals to actually, factually serve the best interest of any child, except, if applicable, your own…GOD is the judge, you will have to face his judgement and sentencing ultimately….while all those in your evil wake have a tidal wave of pain and torment, and punishment to awaken to day after day, month, year, lifetime…for doing nothing less than asking for truth, justice and liberty, in the name of God, as written and see their accusers and the real criminals snicker like they did the first time they lied, stole, basked in their glory at the infinate price of the EMINENT DAMAGE to All other parties involved. They will be on to their next unjustified victim with no recall of the irrepairable destruction in their wake….forever. May God have mercy on YOUR souls….if you posess one.

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