Seven Ways to Reform Foster Care

I spent my teenage years in foster care, bouncing around in 14 different placements in two separate counties. In that time, I’ve lived in almost every type of residency: emergency shelters, a homeless shelter, group

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About Georgette Todd 27 Articles
Georgette Todd is the author of “Foster Girl, A Memoir,” which includes court documents and chronicles her childhood abuse and teenage years in California's foster care system. Her latest book, “Life after Foster Care, 100 Things to Know,” will be available on Amazon beginning March 15, 2017. If you'd like to have her speak or give a training, you can contact her at


  1. Hi Georgette,

    I especially love #4!

    My idea: Our group (Childless Mothers Adopt) is regularly approached by individuals who are not in a position to foster or adopt, but want to understand more about mentoring. They (and we) are desperate to find flexible programs that are less focused on their “flavor” of mentoring and more on finding CREATIVE ways to help kids in foster care connect with supportive adults. Whether or not foster children and teens are successfully placed, they would at least have avenues for a meaningful relationship with a mentor. Organizations that are community based seem to be more able to do this.

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful post!

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