Why Foster Parents Quit

The United States foster care system has a higher turnover rate than most fast food industries. Of the estimated 200,000 licensed foster homes, between 30 and 50 percent drop out each year. With 500,000 children

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Jim Kenny
About Jim Kenny 36 Articles
Jim Kenny is a retired psychologist with over 50 years of clinical experience. The author of 13 books on family and child care, Dr. Kenny’s recent books are Attachment and Bonding in the Foster and Adopted Child and What Foster Parents Need to Know.


  1. Totally accurate. 2 years fostering now, and they have a deadline to remove our current placement because they refuse to believe she has RAD. Since we are “not professionals” they ignore us. We never claimed to be, we just want her tested so she can be in proper therapy. But they refuse so we quit.

  2. Hello, Where did you obtain the stats on the rate of foster parents dropping out of the business?

    • As a foster parent for over 15 years. I felt disrespected, my opinion, my thought wasn’t considered. According to this article which is excellent and right to the point. My home was run like a hotel, people in and out of your home cause their quarterly report, court dates are due. I attended a class and what was said was disturbing to me I quote that fostering/adoption has become a business so therefore our children that’s in this system are treated as a business commodity, my heart was in tears . I’m no longer a foster parent. I’m a adoptive parent of a 5 sibling group of beautiful kids just needed that extra loving and care. I can go on. Someone is finally listen to the foster parent. We do this because we was chosen from the almighty. We this for our babies. We must rebuilt the village God sake. I want to thank you for this opportunity to really speak my mind without being investigated, talk down to by rules and regulation

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