Free Legal Hotline Empowers California Foster Caregivers

As an advocate for foster youth and foster parents, I’ve heard many foster parents complain that they feel voiceless when it comes to decision making and input into the well-being of a child in their care.

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Leah Burdick
About Leah Burdick 7 Articles
Leah Burdick is an adoptive mom and founder of the Foster Coalition, a group that works to elevate the national consciousness about foster care issues and innovations.


  1. This bring years to my eyes,these kiddos deserve better than the system is offering. Most court days are disgraceful the acting social worker isn’t in court,the attorney has a stack of 20 files and opens it up and talks on behalf of a child they don’t know personally or anything about that child. If the child is a teen or AB167 they get 2- 5 min so talk about their life before suggesting to a judge what should happen to the child. Foster parents often have no voice. The questionnaire about the child or anything you want the judge to know usually arrives in the mail after court has occurred.
    The system needs to change. Foster parents are not the enemy. We love these kiddos and want the best,it doesn’t feel like the system wants the same thing.

  2. I love the straight talk and commitment Ms Coyne and Judge Sherwood bring to the ongoing struggle foster parents so often face alone when up against a system where expediency trumps what is best for the child.

  3. Very informative article. Keep up the good work and let’s get the word out that Advokids is a major source of help for Foster Caregivers.

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