Rethinking Foster Parent Recruitment

Progress toward a lifetime commitment to permanence has stagnated over the past decade at just under three-fourths of those children and youth in care. The reunification rate has slipped from 53 percent to 51 percent.

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Jim Kenny
About Jim Kenny 36 Articles
Jim Kenny is a retired psychologist with over 50 years of clinical experience. The author of 13 books on family and child care, Dr. Kenny’s recent books are Attachment and Bonding in the Foster and Adopted Child and What Foster Parents Need to Know.


  1. If you want to attract foster parents, quit destroying the ones you have. We fostered and adopted. When we tried to get help with our special needs children and had some things investigated we discovered that my son had molested my daughter. Well guess what. The county turned around and charged us with sexual abuse by omission put us on a lengthy two year trial, ruled us guilty. Terminated the right of our two younger children, brainwashed the perpetrator into staying in foster care till he was 21, forced us to pay child support on him till he was 21, sent my one son home that they could not brainwash he has a dual diagnosis of autism and mental retardation. He was abused in every single way in foster care came home with PTSD. They destroyed my career as a school bus driver. Because of the record they put on us. Now why would anybody want to go through this why would anybody voluntarily do this? I would discourage anybody anybody from getting into foster care and adopting. It will destroy your life. The legal fees and the child support and everything else cost us at least $60,000. This has everything to do with the adoption and safe family act, drafted by Killary which in order to get the adoption incentive, you have to increase the amount of the adoptions every single year. Well apparently they are running out of children because they are recycling them. They’re taking adopted children and re-adopting them. Talk about trust issues in these children how are they ever ever ever going to feel secure in a family? Everything I believed about foster care and adoption has been turned upside down. I have met so many good loving Christian families that have had their children stolen and they are good and loving families. They’re taken for things as trivial as the child sleeping in the parents bed, the child being spanked not abusive spanking just regular spanking. Grandparents have spent their life savings trying to get their grandchildren back. Kinship care is not even allowed in most cases, not because they’re not fit but because the funding is better if they’re adopted.

  2. If you’re thinking about getting into foster care question talk to adoptive parents who have had the county flip on them. The ones who have reported a problem and been charged with a crime. The ones that have tried to get help for their adopted children and had their adopted children stolen from them. The ones who have been forced to pay child support on their adopted children. Even when they’re adopted child is 19 years old, not in school and working full-time. Being forced to pay child support to this child is 21 years old. Having to listen to your son cry at visits because he so homesick and is being abused in foster care. When there is nothing you can do being put on trial for trying to get help for your children. Being charged with sexual abuse by omission when you had a suspicion that your son may have abused your daughter. Having your career destroyed because of this. It’s put on your record. When all you wanted to do was help children and then get help for them and their issues. Not being able to get help for your four adopted children’s special needs. Talk to these parents before you even think about work working for this corrupt organization. Foster care or adoption. Be prepared to lose everything. Your house your reputation Your sanity. Be prepared to get PTSD. Be prepared to never trust anybody ever again. Be prepared to cry yourself to sleep missing your children.

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