Why Foster Youth Are Overmedicated

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times addressed what some suggest is the over-medication of children in the Los Angeles County foster care system. Certainly this is a significant issue, and indeed, if children are being

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About Joseph M. Costa 7 Articles
Joseph M. Costa is the chief executive officer of Hillsides, a 101-year-old non-profit headquartered in Pasadena that serves families and children in need throughout Los Angeles County. Joe also serves as chairman of the Child Welfare League of America, and is a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

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  1. Oh baloney, foster kids are prescribed drugs by the court because the lazy social worker doesn’t want to get “calls”. The social worker is the one who refers to the psychiatrist who drugs them. Since when does a bachelor of arts diagnose children and send them to be drugged? All the time and many times parents who are by law are not even notified. I know my child was drugged, I was told there was going to be a hearing on it and of course, the corrupt courts never noticed me but my sons were drugged anyways.

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