Eleven Weeks. 686 Partners. 6,630 Phones and Laptops.

As the gravity of the coronavirus that has now claimed the lives of nearly 120,000 Americans set in, California was among the first states where college campuses began to abruptly shut down campuses and send […]

Child Welfare

$800 Million Federal Emergency Fund Proposed to Prevent Family, Youth Homelessness

A bipartisan group of Senators has proposed an $800 million emergency fund to help communities address family and youth homelessness as advocates fear a potentially disastrous wave of instability as coronavirus continues to hamper the […]

Child Welfare

Three Needed Steps In Child Welfare’s Battle Against Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic poses a major threat to children in the child welfare system.  While the disease itself most severely affects older adults, the side effects of the pandemic — shelter-in-place orders, lockdowns, school and court […]


L.A. County Leaders Want To Keep Juvenile Incarceration Numbers Low After Pandemic

During the first few months of the coronavirus pandemic, Los Angeles County released hundreds of youth from lockup over fears that juvenile detention centers would breed infection. Now, local leaders are looking for ways to […]

Child Welfare

Advocates, Officials Gather to Remember Dosha DJay Joi, the Foster Care Reformer Taken By Coronavirus

Dosha DJay Joi’s faith ran so deep, he signed onto his last Thursday Bible study with his friend Tasha Snowden, via video feed from his hospital bed. Days later he would die at age 28 […]