Creative Nonfiction

Share Stories, Change Lives

#MeToo is a women’s movement to raise awareness about sexual harassment and assault. But I felt compelled to share my story. Why? Because it is a weight I have been carrying since I was 15 years old. […]

Child Welfare

I Choose Foster Care

I’m not giving my mom any more chances. My first memory of my mother is from when I was 12. She came and picked up my sister Yolanda and me from our aunt’s house in […]

Child Welfare

Destination→ Family

Day 1 I was ready to leave my nana’s house. I had everything packed into suitcases and boxes. All we had to do was make our way over to the new place where I was […]

Photo: Max Whittaker, Prime Collective
Creative Nonfiction

A Profile of a Prisoner in Solitary

There have been significant prison reform efforts in recent years in California. Reforms have addressed issues around sentencing of non-violent crimes, the trying of juveniles and greater scrutiny on the use of solitary confinement. But […]

Creative Nonfiction

Behind the Spotlight, Part 2

“You have five minutes remaining.” When the test prompter gave the five-minute warning I started to panic. I had only answered five questions and I had 30 more questions to go. I learned from the Kaplan […]

Child Trauma

Behind the Spotlight, Part 1

I question whether people really understand what it means to be in the spotlight. When you live in the spotlight, you feel alive and worthy of the attention. But there’s a dark side that’s rarely discussed. I […]