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Child Welfare

During Coronavirus, High-Quality Legal Representation Can Be a Lifesaver for Families

June is National Reunification Month. A time when the child welfare community celebrates families who overcome great obstacles to be together. This year, there likely will be many fewer family reunifications to celebrate. The COVID-19 […]

Kinship Care

White Privilege in Child Welfare: What Racism Looks Like

  From the moment of their conception, every African American person begins a personal timeline of racism, for their mother experiences racism in that moment — our babies understand and feel in the womb. Our […]

Child Welfare

Now Is the Time for Abolition

Black children are over-surveilled, over-policed and over-removed by the child welfare system. Once involved in this system, the trauma and harm that results from foster care causes irreparable damage to Black children, and serve as […]

Child Welfare

Being Black in Foster Care Means Surviving an American Nightmare

The incident that took place in Central Park, with Christian Cooper and Amy Cooper was appalling. Christian Cooper is a Black man, Harvard graduate and avid bird watcher who asked Amy Cooper, a white woman, […]