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Flipping the Script on Foster Youth Advocacy Out West

Each year for the past 29 years California Youth Connection (CYC) has sent hundreds of current and former youth from across California to a different college campus, for four days, to come up with policy […]

Youth Voice

My Only Way Out

It’s 4:30 a.m. and I am getting ready for a 20-minute walk and two-hour bus and train ride to get to school on time. It’s the last semester of my senior year. I just turned […]

Youth Voice

A History of Kindness

When I was little, I wanted to save the world. I know what you’re thinking, how cliché. I’d walk down the street and see people sleeping on benches covered in filth and tears in their […]

Youth Voice

From Foster Care to Congress: Memoirs of Three Congressional Staffers

 There is nothing that gives you more drive and passion to undertake a critical advocacy effort than being personally affected by it. We are all federal legislative staffers who were placed in foster care due […]

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The Door in the Labyrinth: Forgive Yourself

Those who have experienced foster care have experienced traumatic events which may affect us short-term, long-term or permanently. Sometimes we believe that somehow we ourselves are responsible for such events. Sometimes we just do not […]