Ricardo Rodriguez

Time Spent on Me Wasn’t Wasted

Ricardo Rodriguez is a 26-year-old San Diego resident and former foster youth who balances a job in tech with volunteer work and entrepreneurial pursuits. Thanks to his relentless drive and support from key sources, his […]

Youth Voice

Mommy and Me

The following piece was written in a Fostering Media Connections workshop this spring as part of our Youth Voice Initiative, a project wherein we teach youth who have been impacted by systems how to use […]

Child Welfare

Defining Moments: Disrupting Labels

The interesting thing about the world in which we now live is that we have come up with numerous terms to understand a generation who would rather not be constrained by historical identifiers for their […]

Juvenile Justice

Words Unlocked Youth Poetry Contest Winner: Jumbled

The Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings (CEEAS) recently concluded its fifth annual “Words Unlocked,” a poetry contest for juveniles in secure facilities. The Chronicle of Social Change published all of the winners throughout the week. […]