Mockingbird Society Searching for Successor to Founder

The Mockingbird Society, a Washington State nonprofit that operates youth empowerment programs and foster care services, is searching for a successor to its founder, Jim Theofelis.

The organization’s staff of 21 oversees two central programs:

Mockingbird Youth Network: an empowerment program that trains and supports youth between 13 and 25 who have experience in foster or kinship care. This network also fuels the organization’s Youth Advocates Ending Homelessness program and its overall public policy shop.

Mockingbird Family Model: an approach that surrounds a traditional foster home with a “constellation” of other families who can assist with everything from navigating bureaucracy to providing respite care.

Theofelis retired over the summer after spending 14 years leading the organization he started in 2001. Laura Pierce has served as interim executive director since Theofelis stepped down in May.

Click here for more information about the executive director position.

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John Kelly, Editor in Chief, The Chronicle of Social Change
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