Need Evidence That Child Welfare Sees Poverty as Neglect? Step One: Look

When Sean Hughes and I debated whether it would be a good idea to massively increase spending on foster care, Hughes wrote: If you look at the data, it’s hard to see any evidence of

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Richard Wexler
About Richard Wexler 51 Articles
Richard Wexler is Executive Director of the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform, His interest in child welfare grew out of 19 years of work as a reporter for newspapers, public radio and public television. During that time, he won more than two dozen awards, many of them for stories about child abuse and foster care. He is the author of Wounded Innocents: The Real Victims of the War Against Child Abuse (Prometheus Books: 1990, 1995).


  1. So whattya think Molly McGrath is doing today?? Back to Running that child welfare agency she criticized! Guess the ‘adrenaline rush’ just wasn’t something she could stay away from?!!

  2. now that is an educated commentary . What also is overlooked is the amount of corruption ,pure fraud by the caseworker to retain the custody until it’s time for termination and adoption .
    I speak truth .

    • Ummm…the real truth is that judges make the decisions. And what does ‘the amount of corruption, pure fraud by the caseworker to retain custody until it’s time for termination and adoption’ actually mean?!

      What do you think caseworkers actually get besides a lousy salary?

  3. Poverty is not a crime. Crimes against children are police matters…not for untrained social workers with liberal arts degrees to investigate and prosecute in their reporting to Superior Court Judges. What is the number one reason children die under the scrutiny of CPS according to the Children’s Investigative Unit’s Report to the Board of Supervisors, Los Angeles? “FRONT END INVESTIGATIVE FAILURES,” i.e., lying case workers.
    No child should be seized from his home unless he is in imminent danger of bodily harm or death. Period!

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