Policy Paper

Improving Family Foster Care: Findings from the Northwest Foster Care Alumni Study

Relatively few studies before the “Northwest” series had examined how youth formerly in care (“alumni”) fared as adults, but this study reveals the difficulty youth face in mental health, employment and education upon exiting the […]

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Promoting Youth Development and Independent Living Services for Youth in Foster Care

Discusses efforts to promote a positive youth development approach in foster care, and the disappointing outcomes and barriers experienced by young people leaving the foster care system between the ages of 18 and 21. Includes […]

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Psychopathology, Trauma and Delinquency: Subtypes of Aggression and Their Relevance for Understanding Young Offenders

In delinquent populations, the researchers observed an increase in psychopathology, and especially trauma-related psychopathology which impacts emotions and self-regulation in a manner that makes aggression become more likely. The identification of these disturbances can be […]


Improving Outcomes for Children and Families: Finding and Using International Evidence

Significant amounts of money and resources are spent on child and family services, so successful evaluation of whether or not they are achieving the best outcomes is essential. This edited collection offers an international perspective […]