Child Trauma

Keeping Trauma-Informed Teachers in Oakland’s Schools

Last New Year’s Day, when 13-year-old Lee Weathersby III was shot and died in Oakland, Calif., nearly 200 of his middle school peers and teachers received therapy. In the Oakland Unified School District, Sandra Simmons’ […]

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Be Mindful of Foster Youths’ Struggles with Holidays

For better or worse, holidays highlight the unique dynamics, traditions and culture of a family. For many, getting together to prepare or share a meal is the centerpiece of holiday traditions. For others, the holiday […]

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Late Bird: School Days Were Good Days

Imagine a seven-year-old growing up in East Oakland, attending public schools, and living in poverty. In addition, she is trying to become the smartest little girl. For Destiny, attending school was the best part of growing up in broken systems, a broken family and foster care. […]