aging out foster youth asks gov. cuomo to moratorium

‘Once You Sign the Paper, It’s Over:’ Older Foster Youth Plead for Help from New York Governor 

When she turned 21 last year, seven years after entering foster care in New York City, Jeanette Rivera suddenly found herself fending for herself — and her three young children.  “They didn’t wait to make […]

Child Welfare

Progress Reported on LGBTQ Inclusion by Child Welfare Agencies

The number of child welfare agencies working to create a more welcoming experience for thousands of LGBTQ foster youth took a big jump in the past year, according to a report released Thursday by the […]

Child Welfare

Chapin Hall: Program for Foster Youth Transitioning Out Shows Promise

A Northern California county has developed a potentially promising model for helping older foster youth learn skills critical to making a successful transition to adulthood and avoiding homelessness, according to a new assessment by a […]

Child Welfare

Child Welfare Policymakers Need to Learn User Centered Design

The American child welfare system is one of our nation’s greatest civil rights crises. It fails to meet its fundamental obligation: to protect abused and neglected children. Instead, it needlessly separates families – particularly black families […]

Child Welfare

No Need for Bullying in The Debate on Homeschooling

As COVID-19 continues to destroy lives and the economy, forcing millions of American parents to begin teaching their children at home, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) took to Twitter to call for […]