Opposition to Differential Response Dealt Heavy Blow

There is a new study out from the federal government that should shake child welfare to its very core. Worlds will be rocked! Minds will be blown! Not since a meteor wiped out the dinosaurs

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Richard Wexler
About Richard Wexler 51 Articles
Richard Wexler is Executive Director of the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform, www.nccpr.org. His interest in child welfare grew out of 19 years of work as a reporter for newspapers, public radio and public television. During that time, he won more than two dozen awards, many of them for stories about child abuse and foster care. He is the author of Wounded Innocents: The Real Victims of the War Against Child Abuse (Prometheus Books: 1990, 1995).

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  1. Was startled to see this description of a presentation at APSAC’s June colloquium in New Orleans:
    “From disco to pet rocks, our past is littered with things which make us wonder, what in the world were we thinking? The field of child maltreatment and interpersonal violence has certainly had its share of misguided ideas, from satanic ritual abuse hysteria to multiple personality disorder treatment centers. How did this field get so many things so wrong?”
    That’s quite a mea culpa — sorry I missed it!
    Wonder what APSAC Board Member at Large Kathleen Coulborn Faller might’ve had to contribute. In 2003 Faller wrote that “Though others’ perceptions of the problems of sexual abuse in day care have changed, mine essentially have not.”

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