“Life in Limbo” Gains Popularity in Foster Parent Recruitment

The birth parent leans in and whispers horrific things to her child. “I don’t want you.” “I can’t protect you.” “Don’t tell anyone our family secret.” Fortunately this isn’t a glimpse into an actual parent-child

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Leah Burdick
About Leah Burdick 7 Articles
Leah Burdick is an adoptive mom and founder of the Foster Coalition, a group that works to elevate the national consciousness about foster care issues and innovations.


  1. I take it actual birth parents have not been consulted in developing this role play, which stereotypes them and disregards the complex reasons–often, but not only, involving poverty–that brings the child welfare industry to their doorstep.

    • actually, we’ve had birth parents go through it. It doesn’t stereotype – just the opposite. It is humbling in showing we all love the children. There is a moment where birth parents and foster parents face each other, and explain how they are different. Difficult issues come up, and then how they are the same. I hope this helps.

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