Youth Services Roundup: Funding, News and Opinion for the Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Community

Here is a rundown of all the funding leads, news, analysis and opinion pieces produced by The Chronicle of Social Change. Among the headlines this week: A possible way to track failed adoptions, reporter ethics in child welfare court, funding for White House project on minority youth, and funding leads in six states.


The Chronicle’s “Youth Services Insider” column proposes the “Reason Two” Theory for tracking disrupted adoptions, which may soon be required of states by the federal government.

Chronicle Publisher Daniel Heimpel: The courts have struck down a rule making Los Angeles child welfare courts open to reporters. The compromise on this contentious issue may rest in a simple guarantee of ethics.

Foster parent and journalist Ben Baeder: There are too many challenges with child welfare system to close courts off to public scrutiny

When kids enter foster care for the first time, what type of placement do most experience? We break that down with

An interview with Haydee Cuza, former foster youth and present-day advocate, who is working with Youth in Mind on a campaign to fight prejudices against youths with mental health diagnoses.

The 2015-16 FAFSA form will prompt alert to foster youth about other financials aid opportunities, thanks to the policy brief of a former foster youth.

Chronicle blogger Georgette Todd interviews actress/designer Jenette Goldstein about working with foster girls at prom time.


A look at what’s been committed, thus far, for the White House-led “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative to help serve male minority youth.

State-level block granting of Medicaid-guaranteed mental health funds for youth has some advocates worried about stunted services under the Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment program.

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has expanded its child welfare portfolio, and will now train and certify agencies and programs on LGBT competency.

Early insider details on Obama’s $750 million proposal to improve mental health services for foster youth and address the “over-prescribing” of psychotropic medications to that population.

A full analysis and chart of youth-related spending in President Obama’s 2015 budget request.



Indiana is seeking a contractor to do counseling and support services for deaf youth.

Maryland: Montgomery County is looking for providers to be involved with its regional youth services model, and is also seeking contractors for adolescent substance abuse education/counseling.

Delaware Dept. of Labor looking for summer youth employment program providers.

New Hampshire is taking proposals from organizations or individuals to lead its Family Assessment & Inclusive Reunification Process.

D.C.: city is looking for provider of volunteer-based mentoring for children in out of home care.

California: L.A. County funding transitional housing programs for teen foster youth & young adults on way out of care.


Department of Health and Human Services plans to start a national center on adoption and guardianship, and is looking for lead organization.

HHS seeking proposals to increase the identification and protection of human trafficking victims

Federal grants available for drug-free communities programs.

William T. Grant Foundation is soliciting LOI’s for a new research grant examining inequalities in youth development.

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