Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation

Name of Foundation: Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation
Location: San Francisco, Calif.
Contact Info: Phone: (415) 989-9839
Coverage Area: National
Subject Area: Environment, Health, Education and the Arts
Assets: $63.8 million (2012)
Last Year Total Giving: $2.1 million (2012)

In a nutshell: The Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation was established in 1982 by its namesake, who was part of a prominent California family. The original trustees of the foundation were Clarence E. Heller, his brother Alfred Heller, and his sister Elizabeth H. Mandell.

After his death in 1988, the foundation continued to pursue goals that Mr. Heller supported during his lifetime, such as the environment, health, education and the arts. The Foundation established their current funding priorities, hiring staff and began operations as a full time operation in 1990. As part its funding model, the foundation also addresses new issue areas as they arise.

Primarily, youth programs fall within the Education program area. The two major Education priorities include supporting programs for educators and artists to improve and apply their teaching skills and supporting efforts to advance environmental and arts education programs. The Foundation also supports scholarship and program assistance at selected community music centers, schools and institutes. 

Major Programs:
Environment and Health
Special Projects

How to Apply: Nonprofit organizations seeking a grant from the foundation should begin by submitting a short letter of inquiry that briefly states the purpose and scope of the project, the background of the organization, a project budget and the requested amount. Letters of inquiry for the Fall 2014 funding cycle should be submitted by August 1, 2014. Please note that until further notice the foundation cannot consider multi-year requests. Letters of inquiry may be submitted by mail OR by e-mail to

For detailed applicant information, click here.

News and Recent Grants

Clarence E. Heller Foundation, Education Grants 2013

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