National: Youth Regional Treatment Center Aftercare Pilot Project

“The purpose of the Youth Regional Treatment Center (YRTC) Aftercare Pilot Project cooperative agreement is to address the gap in services that occurs when youth are discharged upon successful completion of a YRTC treatment program and return to their home community where necessary support systems may not exist. Insufficient options for continued care at home and in the community significantly decrease the likelihood of a continued journey of wellness for youth exiting the care of an YRTC. This pilot project will develop promising practices between YRTCs and Tribal communities to reduce alcohol and substance use relapse by identifying transitional services that can be culturally adapted to meet the needs of American Indian / Alaska Native (AI/AN) youth to increase resiliency, self-coping, and provide support systems. By exploring solutions for how this continuum of care should take place after inpatient treatment, efforts will be made to establish community-based approaches to reduce alcohol and substance use relapse and establish effective reintegration processes. Each application for the YRTC Aftercare Pilot Program will be required to address the following six objectives as outlined (and detailed in Section A, Part B-Proposed Approach) in their project narrative. 1. Provide aftercare and case management services. 2. Create and train community support systems in evidence-based care. 3. Identify and implement best practices for increasing access to transitional services. 4. Incorporate social media into aftercare practices. 5. Increase data collection for post residential discharged youth. 6. Evaluate and disseminate information among all YRTC facilities.”

Excerpted from Indian Health Service- HHS-2018-IHS-YRTC-0001

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