Words Unlocked Youth Poetry Contest Winner: I Am, I May, and I Will

The Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings (CEEAS) recently concluded its fifth annual “Words Unlocked,” a poetry contest for juveniles in secure facilities.
The Chronicle of Social Change will publish all of the winners throughout the week. We begin today with one of two “Highly Commended” entries, “I Am, I May, and I Will.”

I am a fake, I am a felon

I am guilty, I am forgotten

I am inconsistent, I am patristic

I am reluctant, I am uneasily conducted

I am shameful, I am living painfully

I am useful, but rarely used

I am the same, never fazed

I may be a father, I may be a cheat

I may be a friend, I may be a double-dealer

I may be a filmmaker, I may be a prisoner

I may be a caretaker, I may be quick to anger

I may be a speaker, I may be mute

I may be a teacher, I may lack patience

I may be a preacher, I may be atheist

I may be optimistic, I may be pessimistic

I may have different characteristics.

I will change

I will break out of these chains

I will mend these relationships

I will learn

Understand, and comprehend

I will be me

And not follow a specific trend

I will succeed

Even believe, when things don’t blend

I will be different, watch me

It doesn’t matter what you say

Just stay out of my way

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