Curbing Congregate Plus Foster Care Shortage Equals Bad Policy

Rarely have I seen a greater disconnect between policy and reality than what is occurring in California’s foster care system. On October 11, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that drastically reduces the number of children placed

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Marie K. Cohen
About Marie K. Cohen 68 Articles
Marie K. Cohen (MPA, MSW) is a child advocate, researcher, and policy analyst. She worked as social worker in the District of Columbia's child welfare system for five years. She is a member of the Citizen's Review Committee for the DC Child and Family Services Agency and the DC Child Fatality Review Commission and a mentor to a foster youth. Follow her blog at, on Facebook at Fostering Reform or on Twitter@fosteringreform.


  1. The problem is funding the agency cps gets more funding to place children in foster or group homes rather than a family member there needs to be more oversight and accountability this agency committed fraud to take my infant grandson Grandparents have no legal standing in cps cases we need that to change also we need cameras recordings etc as they can say anything and get away with it this is my county and my state recent epic failure

  2. Sorry I just saw this comment. You are right about the importance of relatives. But as you say, a large fraction of children in foster care are already with their relatives. I don’t know if increased placements with relatives will make up for the loss of group homes.

  3. This is true but what about the rise of FFA’s in LA County in recent years and all the money thrown at unscrupulous FFA operators. There is one FFA operator currently being sued by two lawyers on two different large cases of neglect and financial malfeasance but still contracts with three counties, including LA?! Interim Care FFA in Rancho Cucamonga was opened by the same owner as two other FFA’s in LA County, Homes of Hope FFA and another I forget the name but you can google search the stories on them at LA Times and lawsuit. Wow… county does nothing to end paying people who milk the system to get rich. Many FFA operators have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar and this lady is one of the fattest fish but keeps getting paid! County and State are idiots

    • I think the loss of group homes will mean that more reliance will be put on Foster Family Agencies. If they don’t do a good job of screening and monitoring their homes,, there will be more of these abuses in the future. Of course there are bad group homes as well. The point is to screen and monitor both foster and group homes, and make sure they are paid enough to provide good care.

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