Calif. Proposal to Provide Child Care Vouchers for Foster Families Denied Again

Last week, a proposal aimed at providing caregivers in California’s child welfare system with better access to child care was left out of Gov. Jerry Brown’s final budget, the second consecutive year that a bid to boost child-care support to these families has been denied.

Coming ahead of Wednesday’s deadline to finalize next year’s budget, the deal between Brown and legislative leaders saw the governor bypass greater investments in social-service programs in favor of a $2 billion deposit in the state’s rainy-day fund.

Supported by several advocates across the state, including the Alliance for Children’s Rights and Children Now, the child care bridge proposal would have provided six-month vouchers to foster parents and other caregivers of children ages 0 to 3.

Though families in the state’s foster care system are eligible to access subsidized child care, receiving that care as soon as the child is placed into their homes has proved difficult. Many foster parents have faced significant, months-long waits to receive subsidized child care. Others have sought out private child care on their own, incurring considerable financial costs.

According to a 2014 listing of child costs from, the average monthly cost of care for infants at a childcare center is $1111 and $705 for family-home care. The California foster care rate for children 0 to 4 is $688 a month.

In midst of a push to recruit more foster families in the state, a pair of reports in Los Angeles County last year described the lack of access to high-quality child care as one of the most important factors in dissuading some potential foster parents and relatives from becoming caregivers in the foster-care system.

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Jeremy Loudenback, Senior Editor, The Chronicle of Social Change
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  1. DCFS Case Workers are way too busy storming the homes of the poor and non offending, seizing THEIR children and making huge cases out of nothing. You know, DCFS will take your children away from you for…a missed dental appointment, a messy house, your kids riding their bikes in your neighborhood, a disagreement with a doctor, for vague and ridiculous forms of emotional abuse, that don’t make any sense and, would never stand up in a real court of law. They take children because they can.

    Perversely, DCFS leaves children such as Gabriel Fernandez in the hands of people who are known, identified abusers with long histories of criminal behavior and domestic violence like little Tory Sandoval and Sarah Chavez. They were ignored by the Department of Child and Family Services as the DCFS Hotline blew up with frantic calls to save their lives. Gabriel, Sara, Tory and countless others died horrible deaths, of brutal beatings and starvation…. Again, the department is extremely busy manufacturing false claims and prosecuting false cases against innocent bio families, with no criminal records or history of violence and taking their children away from them forever!

    These are some things we have learned: Did you know that the streams of income from your federal tax dollars, are funneled to California and the Department of Child Safety and that those dollars encourage Case Workers and County Counsel to accuse you of child abuse, even murder? Did you know that DCFS can take your children away from you even if you’re not guilty of any crime? It sounds bad, but it is true, child abuse has become a business that actually pays states to abduct your children and put them up for adoption. What is even more unbelievable…. is that instead of putting the money into child protection, some states use your tax dollars, that are specifically slated to protect kids, to feed pet projects, the general fund and to help balance budgets! Too often kids in foster care eat Cup O’ Noodles, as the bureaucrats who seized your children… eat well, have medical insurance, mortgages, retirement funds and make their monthly car payments.


We court watchers and child advocates have tried to bring light to this sketchy practice but, your legislature and the Board of Supervisors do not not want to listen us and finds these billions from the feds too hard to ignore and even harder to turn down. As such, these practices are to the devastation of California families and their children seized without justification. 

On the other hand their inaction regarding children who actually need intervention, like Gabriel Fernandez is to devastation of those children the department ignores…because, those battered, abused children under the scrutiny of DCFS (easily vetted and checked)… do not bring the in the profits to the system…Those children in most need…are not what the department refers to as, “Adoptable”…no one wants them. When DCFS gets caught allowing a child to die by their negligence and bad judgment…case workers and their superior’s behavior is revolting…they lie, they cover up, they alter the record and use each child’s death as a fundraising tool.

    As the body count of small children rises in this state, do you think the Governor and or the Legislature, Boards of Supervisors will ever be ready to listen to those who know what is happening and how to fix this mess? How many severely neglected, battered, molested and murdered children under the scrutiny of DCFS are the citizens of California willing to tolerate? We are here…we have been watching and fighting to help these kids and families for over 20 years.

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