East Harlem Tutorial Program Receives Donation of Historic Proportions

East Harlem Tutorial Program
New York, N.Y.

The East Harlem Tutorial Program, a New York City-based educational support organization, has received a $15 million donation to expand their services in the city.

Philanthropists Jim and Marilyn Simons made the generous donation, which is the largest education-related donation on record for Harlem residents and the fifth largest for the city at large. The couple made their billions through Renaissance Technologies, a private hedge-fund investment company founded by Jim Simons.

Marilyn Simons is a member of the organization’s board of trustees/

The organization was founded as an after-school K-12 tutoring program in 1958. Today, the organization still has after-school programming but has expanded to include college readiness programs for middle school and high school students and management of two public charter schools, The East Harlem Scholars Academies.

The Simon’s donation will be used as part of a $45 million campaign to expand the organization. The goals of the campaign include expanding enrichment programming and creating a scholarship fund to support students in higher education. The bulk of the $45 million will be used to build a state of the art educational facility that will house the organization’s charter schools, and enrichment programs.

For more information on the East Harlem Tutorial Program, Click here.

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