Georgetown Seeking Candidates for Juvenile Justice Certificate Programs

Georgetown’s Center for Juvenile Justice Reform (CJJR), which offers certificate training programs on several aspects of the field, is currently seeking applicants for this year’s programs on youth in custody, and reducing racial disparities.

The youth in custody program starts from the premise that while advances have been made in lowering the number of lower-risk offenders who are committed to facilities, less is known and shared about how to serve high-risk offenders inside facilities.

The program focuses on engaging families, using a treatment-oriented approach, promoting non-residential options, engaging other child serving agencies, and after-care/reentry services.

The three primary goals of the racial disparities certificate program are to help jurisdictions reduce:

  1. Overrepresentation of youth of color in the juvenile justice system;
  2. Disparate treatment of youth of color as compared to white youth within the juvenile justice system; and
  3. Unnecessary entry and movement deeper into the juvenile justice system for youth of color.

The program will also address “disparate treatment in other child serving systems, including child welfare and education,” according to CJJR.

Click here for information on the youth in custody program and how to apply.

Click here for information on the racial disparities program and how to apply.

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