Los Angeles Blue Ribbon Commission to Issue Interim Report

A commission tasked with overhauling one of the country’s largest foster care systems may recommend greater police involvement in the handling and tracking of potential child abuse and neglect cases.

“Child abuse is much more complex than just a crime,” said Daniel Scott, a member of the Los Angeles Blue Ribbon Commission on Child Protection, at a December meeting.

The commission met twice in December and plans to issue an interim before the end of the year.

Scott, a retired sergeant and detective with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, cited a number of recommendations for Los Angeles-area law enforcement agencies and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Scott discussed cross-reporting to ensure every child abuse case received by the sheriff’s department is properly documented, and recommended that the district attorney’s office formally review cases in which law enforcement and DCFS reports indicate disparate assessments.

The commission also appears poised to recommend that every child abuse call be treated as a “call for service,” whether it is reported through the county’s Child Protection Hotline or directly to the law enforcement agency. In either case, the commission will recommend that law enforcement always conduct a preliminary investigation, which is not the case today.

The objectives of the interim report, as described by commission Chairman David Sanders during one of the December meetings, include reviewing the more than 800 recommendations the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has received in recent years. Sanders indicated that the interim report will focus on systemic issues – not DCFS as an agency – while looking for ways to immediately improve child safety.

The interim report will also provide an overview of what the commission referred to as a “roadmap” to improve outcomes for children. The roadmap will include three primary elements: reporting systems, decision-making, and access to effective services at the county level.

The final report will be issued after the commission concludes its work in April 2014.

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Christie Renick
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  1. Here is a check list of needed reform of the broken and corrupted system of Child welfare and Child protection. In my opinion, Protect or ICAC or Missing and exploited children do better work in saving children the Child protection service.
    Child Welfare Reform;
    1.Remove anonymous reporting = Anyone who reports an abuse should be able to say who they are and what they witnessed. Investigators and parents could determine if it is malicious reporting or factual reporting.
    2.Remove Child seizures = Allow children to choose who they feel safe to stay with while the report can move forward and investigation in to the long term possible abuse from a parent
    3. Arrest Child abusers = implement Assault charges with evidence of abuse and implement restraining order.
    4. Charge reported claimants with false and Malicious if unfounded .
    5. Adoption disclosure =Allow children the information on their parents, reasons for the adoption, and investigation findings of abuse
    6. Discontinue Foster payments for family relatives in which the child is placed to discourage financial gains for a child placed in their care.
    7. Create database for Adoptive children on their progress with adopted parents containing medical reports, school reports and visits with the adopted children.
    8. Investigate Child Foster parents = remove child offenders, criminals, drug addicts from the Foster parent program
    9. Remove Health and Hospital reports as definitive = charges against the Doctor or hospital that seeks to force diagnosis and refuse to acknowledge American’s right to choice of hospital and care.
    10. Remove conflict of interest in the cases of Lawyers and Judges who are actively involved in Adoption agencies, board members or profit from any form of adoption nor foster care.
    11. Remove conflict of interest in the cases of Social workers adopting or acting as Foster parents to children removed from family units.
    12. Aid families in poverty, when removal is based on living conditions to include financial assistance in housing, work, food, and medical needs
    13. Remove Financial incentives through Government programs to seize children. Remove Financial bonuses for social workers who seize children.
    14. Remove secrecy and allow open disclosure in all reports and actions by Child welfare and Juvenile courts.
    15. Remove immunity for social workers, investigators, supervisors who conspire to remove a child for profit.
    16.Remove warrant-less seizures, Install prosecution for those who act without authority on removal and issue falsified warrants or warrant-less seizures.

    • #1. People already have the right to say who they are and what they witnessed. That’s called reporting. Making it mandatory to for the reporter to reveal their identity will discourage them from reporting which puts children in more danger from their dangerous parents.

      #2. So allow a 5 yr old to say who they want to stay with? Allow a 16 yr old girl to stay with her bf’s family?

      #3. Totally agree!

      #4. A lot of times, the report ifs unfounded because the children are afraid to tell the truth. So punishing the reporter for this unfounded referral but what happens if later it turns out to be true in the next referral? What happens to the first reporter?

      #5. That’s up to the new parents. As a parent, you wouldn’t like it if someone was trying to tell you how to raise your children when you are raising them the right way.

      #6. Some relatives are poor too you know. And it’s not fair to pay a stranger to watch your relatives.

      #7. Once adopted, cps had to leave them alone. What did the adoptive parents do wrong for cps to continue intruding into their lives?

      #8. Already being done.

      #9. That’s up to the licensing department for doctors. That’s not cps’s expertise.

      #10. Already done.

      #11. Already done.

      #12. Already done.

      #13. Bonuses? Are you serious? As an ex-cps worker, I never got bonuses. So, why would congress, politicians, the supreme court’s allow seizing children to be a for profit job?

      #14. Do you want the whole world to know how you got sexually abused by your dad while your mom watched?

      #15. Conspire? Your talking about the 1%. Do you know the work that goes into seizing a child? Imagine a sibling set of 6!

      #16. Social workers can already be discipline.

  2. That would be new and different. Actually investigating allegations BEFORE taking the child??!!?? That would be refreshing until CPS makes law enforcement their “partners” thereby financially rewarding them for removing children. If they can enlist the courts (family law judges) and the PD’s office as partners, law enforcement isn’t such a stretch. I hope they don’t surrender.

    • Um, do you know what goes into a court report? Information to tell the judge why the child is being detained. Or are you assuming that social workers makes things up? (The 1%)

  3. Government makes issues into rocket science when it’s not. Child abuse is a crime. Citizens need to call the police, who either find or fail to find probable cause for a criminal charge of abuse. Absent the criminal charge, families should be helped by non-punitive and voluntary services called SOCIAL SERVICES, per the definition. The only reason there are thousands of laws and procedures in DCFS is that child protection has evolved into a huge massive money-making machine that no profit-making business wants to give up to avoid traumatizing entire families.

    • For those who are unfamiliar, the Blue Ribbon Commission itself is a paid entity whose recommendations will likely be ignored. Just another taxpayer expenditure in the name of child protection.

  4. Reform, when you speak of reform you only look to find more ways to remove children rather than creating better preventative measures so children can stay at home and not be emotionally scarred long term from the mass trauma of being removed.
    And stop claiming children bounce back from you legal kidnapping yet can not bounce back from their poverty home life.
    Stop claiming all the children removed are extreme abuse cases, what a lie, at least half (and I’m being generous) of the children you remove will never and have never gone through anything more abusive than your legal kidnapping/removal of the child.

    You are suppose to be in place for the children, so get down to the child’s level and look at the world threw their eyes (if you can see past the dollar signs) to them you are kidnapping them, you are abusing them above and beyond and for many occasions you’ve even admired (cps) it’s better to be safe than sorry , meaning remove and traumatized the kids over risking your own arse…..kinda selfish if you asked me .

    • Do you seriously think that these social workers wake up every day happy to take children away from their families? Do you know that there are thousands of social workers in California who work for cps? So that means, thousands of people get paid to happily hurt children. Lol!

  5. It be better if you focus your idiot investigators on FINDING cases instead of CREATING them. Retaliation goes both ways, you’re the people’s enemy now. Bunch of indian child killers is what you are.

    • I’m pretty sure they steal children and destroy families from any and all racial/ethnic groups. The only line they don’t seem to like crossing is the socioeconomic one. They avoid the wealthy big time. Imagine if one of us held our baby out of a 14th story hotel window…….. (Of course Micheal Jackson’s baby was fine – though I think it was stupid and dangerous). Our kids would have been fine and not traumatized or abused had they left them with family. If only we could win a big lottery….. and put all those millions into full time attorneys, para-legals, investigators and of course the only sure way to get attention – political donations for those willing to make the system accountable and when appropriate, liable……

    • Indian killers? You talking about the white Europeans who brought small pox over and forced Indians into the plain land?

  6. Baloney sausage on the hotline calls. Tell them how you cover your butts from liability when it comes to children abused in your care. Tell them how you made it impossible for your foster homes to receive a referral? Raped in care? oh, don’t worry, the social worker hasn’t graduated college yet….

    The stupid ones are you, you can’t even figure out how to make money without destroying families. Might need to stop telling people what you do for a living too, word’s getting out.

  7. Dan Scott might have you believe that all 284 children detained per week by LA County undergraduates and pot smoking social workers are criminal in nature; they surely are not, not even close.

    Most detentions stem from civil charges by these aliens who file fraudulent reports, are further victimized by the Krekorian foundation known as ladlinc and served on a plate to the all powerful secret kangaroo kourts, county coffers.

    While these blackrobed bassturds drive the german mercedes, they alienate children and give them Chinese dollar store toys. They also bribe adoptaraptor foster family agencies to do their dirty work, paying their armies of professional alienators and heroin addicted co conspirators….

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