This Week in Youth Services: Funding, News and Opinion on Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare

Busy week? No problem, we got you covered. Here is a rundown of all the funding leads, news, analysis and opinion pieces produced by The Chronicle of Social Change.



Calif.: Dept. of Corrections funding efforts to prevent violence in juvenile justice facilities.

Texas: Funding available in East Texas to help out-of-school 14-to-21-year olds with academic, employment needs.

Michigan: Marquette County funding family support services.


Federal funding available from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention for two-phase juvenile reentry projects.

Street Outreach Program to serve homeless/runaway grants available from Family and Youth Services Bureau.

The Administration for Children & Families is funding the startup of a Child Development Research Fellowship through a co-op agreement.

Gerber is taking proposals for health and nutrition research on infants and young children.

National solicitation for grants to help state agencies improve home visitation programs.

Funding from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for a center focused on training and technical assistance to child welfare courts.

Department of Education supporting five grants to help improve TRIO Programs.

SAMHSA supporting assistance to local educational agencies to begin to support the training of school personnel and other adults on school safety.

The United States Department of Justice funding government agencies interested in joining the National Youth Violence Prevention Project.

Money and Business

Funder Profile: Everything you need to know about the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens.

In our first two installments of Pay for Success Watch, we look at Connecticut’s project to provide substance abuse treatment to child welfare-involved parents, and the team picked by Illinois for a project on “crossover” youths.

Three federal agencies are seeking input on how to integrate and improve their career pathways funding programs.

The William T. Grant Foundation has announced funding for its 2014 scholars.

The Lily Endowment made a $2.4 million commitment to summer programs for youth.

News, Opinion and Analysis

The Long Beach Police Department received nearly 3,200 reports of child abuse last year. It responded to less than half of them. Long Beach and state officials defended the department.

A look at some interesting new measurements that the Department of Health and Human Services wants to include in its reviews of state child welfare systems.

The unlikely journey of Sandi Redenbach, former homeless youth and current educator and dropout recovery specialist.

A letter to Jaden Smith, from a former foster youth, about his choice of words in a new song.

Dr. Paramjit Joshi: U.S. needs 20,000 more child and adolescent psychiatrists.

John Kelly is the editor-in-chief of The Chronicle of Social Change.

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