Video: California Foster Youth Offer Mental Health Policy Recommendations

Earlier this month, the California Youth Connection (CYC) gathered members from its 33 statewide chapters at a conference in Los Angeles to develop a policy platform for the year ahead.

An advocacy organization made up of current and former foster youth ages 14 to 24, CYC identifies four policy areas every year as part of its annual summer leadership and policy conference. Over the next week, we are sharing a few of the policy ideas that emerged from the four-day conference, directly from the youth who worked on developing them.

Mental health remains an important need for foster youth in California, who are more likely to experience emotional and behavioral issues than other youth as a result of the abuse, neglect and trauma they have experienced. Current and former foster youth also face barriers to receiving appropriate mental health care, and many struggle with other impacts, such as the overmedication of psychotropic drugs.

To learn more, check out CYC advocates Erica Ontiveros and Samira Washington in the video below.

Video Credit: Bryan Curiel and Holden Slattery

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