Foster Talk With Doctor John

radio bannerAs a foster parent myself for twelve years, I have come to recognize the importance of continuing education, ongoing learning, and the value of resources and information.  Indeed, as one who has been an educator for two decades, now, learning for me is very much a part of my life.  In today’s world, learning comes in a variety of ways and various methods.  One of these is audio, or sound.

In the fall of 2013, I had the opportunity to be a guest on a radio program, along with several former foster children, talking about various aspects of foster care.  The interview went well, and it was one that I enjoyed.  Indeed, I had been a radio DJ at four different radio stations, both in the United States and in Australia, and had enjoyed the job very much so at that time. After the interview with the other former foster children concluded, I was asked if I would consider being a host of my own radio program. After putting it to a great deal of thought and prayer, as well as much discussion with my wife, I agreed to it, thinking it would be a wonderful way to reach my fellow foster parents, as well as bring information about foster care, and the challenges that children in foster care face on a daily basis.

In today’s global digital world, we as a society are not simply living in it, we are inhabiting it.  Online technology has made our lives much simple in some aspects.  Entertainment can be accessed in a variety of ways through online means; whether it is watching a movie on a tablet, listening to a song, or communicating with another through a computer screen. In fact, I often listen to radio stations through my computer at work each day. Talk radio has changed how a lot of people listen to the radio, and access through digital means has made this easier. To be sure, traditional learning can be done through these methods, as well, and many of today’s students are learning through online means in virtual classrooms.

Foster Talk with Dr. John is a new radio program that will be premiering on the Rapid Radio Network on Monday, October 21st, at 8 PM Eastern. The Rapid Radio Network is an online radio station, hosted through online means.  Listeners will be able to tune in online, either live, or through accessing the past shows through online links.  As an educator, author, speaker, and foster parent, I am excited about the possibilities this type of radio has to offer, as a much larger audience can now be reached each week.

Foster Talk with Dr. John is designed to bring information, news, and resources to those who work in foster care, as well as to the general public.  Each week, the program will highlight the latest news and information about foster care.  Guests ranging from politicians, doctors, lawyers, trainers, former foster children, and other advocates in foster care will be interviewed on a weekly basis.  Listeners will be able to call in with their questions for either myself or the particular guest that week. In an attempt to make it a program that both is both entertaining and informative, guests from a variety of backgrounds have been carefully selected each week; all with some background in the foster care system.

I have dedicated my life to not only helping my fellow foster parent and the children in care, but for brining better understanding to our society, as a whole, about the foster care system.  Foster Talk with Dr. John will serve as a platform to do so.  With roughly a half a million children in care in our nation,  the need remains ever so strong to help these children.

Foster Talk with Dr. John is a weekly radio program hosted by author and foster care expert Dr. John DeGarmo.  Each week, Dr. John brings you news and information in the foster care world and guests from the foster care system.    To listen to Foster Talk with Dr. John, simply click on the link.

Call in to speak with the host (347) 996-3187.  For more information, visit Dr. DeGarmo’s website at

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