The staff behind The Chronicle of Social Change is deeply knowledgeable about child welfare and juvenile justice, and we are always open to collaborating or consulting with other journalists looking to cover these issues. Contact us at and we will be happy to share our expertise.


Daniel Heimpel, Publisher

Daniel Heimpel is an award-winning journalist and child welfare expert. As the the president of Fostering Media Connections, Heimpel acts as publisher of the non-profit journalism organization’s two publications: The Chronicle of Social Change and Fostering Families Today Magazine.

You can contact him at dheimpel@fosteringmediaconnections dot org or follow him on Twitter at @dheimpel.


John Kelly, Editor-in-Chief

John Kelly is the editor-in-chief of The Chronicle of Social Change, FMC’s daily news website covering the fields of child welfare, juvenile justice and other family services. Kelly helped launch The Chronicle in 2013, and oversees development and planning of the website’s coverage.

You can contact him at jkelly@chronicleofsocialchange dot org.


Kim Hansel, Managing Editor

Kim Phagan-Hansel is the managing editor of The Chronicle of Social Change and editor of Fostering Families Today. She has served as the editor of Fostering Families Today and Adoption Today since 2001 and transitioned to the Fostering Media Connections team with the acquisition of the publications in 2017. She is also the editor of two child welfare-related books, The Foster Parenting Toolbox and The Kinship Parenting Toolbox.

Connect with Kim via email at editor@adoptinfo dot net.





Christie J. Renick, Southwest Editor

Christie Renick is Fostering Media Connections’ southwest editor, based in Tucson, Arizona, where she reports on policy and practice primarily in Utah, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. She’s particularly interested in child marriage laws as well as the intersection of child welfare and LGBTQ rights, immigration and American Indian communities.

Find Christie on Instagram and Twitter at @christiejrenick or by email at crenick@fosteringmediaconnections dot org.



Jeremy Loudenback, West Coast Senior Editor

Jeremy Loudenback covers child welfare and youth justice issues for The Chronicle of Social Change. As the West Coast editor, he writes about youth in foster care and juvenile justice systems across California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.

Contact him with tips and ideas at jeremyloudenback@chronicleofsocialchange dot org or on Twitter at @jremylback.


Michael Fitzgerald, Northeast Editor

Michael Fitzgerald is the New York-based northeast editor for the Chronicle of Social Change. He previously worked as a senior editor for Pacific Standard, and has reported in print and online for that magazine, the New Republic, and Outside Magazine, among other outlets.

Contact Michael at mfitzgerald@chronicleofsocialchange dot org or via Twitter at @mchlftzgrld.





Sara Tiano, General Assignment Reporter

Sara Tiano is a Los Angeles-based general assignment reporter for The Chronicle of Social Change covering child welfare and juvenile justice. As a freelance reporter focused on these issues, her work has previously appeared in WitnessLA, Youth Today, and the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange. 

Connect with Sara on Twitter at @sara_tiano or via email stiano@chronicleofsocialchange dot org.



Simone Maxwell-Wilson Simone Maxwell-Wilson, Business Development Manager

Simone Maxwell-Wilson is Business Development Manager for Fostering Media Connections, a national news and resource publishing organization focused on impacting vulnerable youth and children and their families. Simone oversees strategic business partnerships through sponsorships and subscriptions between FMC’s publications: Fostering Families TodayThe Chronicle of Social Change and FMC’s special issue magazines.

Contact Simone at simone at fosteringmediaconnections dot org.