Arizona Says Some Medical Marijuana Products OK for Foster Parents

Arizona’s Department of Child Safety 
will now allow foster parents in the state to possess certain kinds of medical marijuana extracts without it interfering with their foster parent license.

This came after the Phoenix New Times reported that a prospective foster parent had been denied her license because she administered a medical marijuana extract (cannabidol, or CBD) to her 12-year-old adopted son to treat his autism-related behaviors. She later appealed that decision, and DCS amended its policy on November 3.

Voters approved medical marijuana in the state of Arizona in 2010. As the New Times’ recent coverage points out, the state’s policy related to foster parents remains ambiguous as it strives to comply with conflicting federal and state regulations.

From the memo:

The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act is administered by the Arizona Department of Health Services. If an extract oil is subject to the Medical Marijuana Act, a foster parent may not use or possess the oil. Neither may any person use or possess the oil in the licensed foster home. If an extract oil is not subject to the Medical Marijuana Act, and therefore not regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services, a foster parent may possess the oil in their home and use it for medically allowable purposes.

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  1. DCS is kidnapping kids for foster care… 36+ AZ kids seized daily by Greg McKay with 0 of the required warrants. Shame on DCS!!!

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