One Year Follow Up Report On My Brother’s Keeper Shows Progress

Earlier this year, the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force released a one year progress report to assess the initial year of the Presidents’ Initiative.

My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) was officially launched by President Obama in February of 2014 to increase awareness and consequently public/private funding for boys and young men of color. Prior to the President’s call to action, influential organizations such as Open Society Foundations and Atlantic Philanthropies were already doing work around the issue.

The task force laid out three goals to assess progress of MBK: Improving state and local engagement; promoting private sector action; and public policy review and reform.

Click here to read the Task Force’s full report.

For more information on the My Brother’s Keeper movement, click here to read the report by the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s taskforce on MBK and click here to read a report looking at philanthropic support for the movement by the Foundation Center, along with the Campaign for Black Male Achievement. se

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