Removals and Reunifications in Los Angeles County

The number of children in foster care in Los Angeles has decreased dramatically from 52,000 to 19,000 in the last decade. That number is back on the rise, due in part to policy changes at the county’s Department of Children and Families.

Reporter Chhaya Nene profiles SHIELDS, an organization that helps reunite families, and speaks with one researcher who thinks the county is right to place less emphasis on reunification.

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  1. This is a straight out lie. LA county has never decreased the population of foster children from 50k to 19k. Right now, there are about 56,000 children in LA foster care.

    The less re-unification happens, the more money this county makes, that’s the sole reason they don’t like re-unifying families. They get much more money when adopting them out or placing them in disgusting drug addict homes, etc.

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