State Issues Notice Clarifying Information to be Shared with Caregivers

Screenshot 2014-01-28 13.19.02For caregivers to provide high quality care to children and youth, they must have timely, accurate information about a range of issues, including relevant information about education and health. While this knowledge is critical, it is often unclear as to what information can be shared with the caregiver and exactly when the caregiver can share information with others who may need it, such as schools or individuals providing respite care.

To clarify this issue, the California Department of Social Services issued All County Information Notice 1-05-14 on January 15, 2014, which lists exactly what information caregivers have a legal right to obtain within 48 hours of placement and within 30 days. It also lists documents that may not be shared absent a court order or written consent from the affected individual and includes a discussion of issues related to sharing information with relative caregivers.

Click here to read the report.

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