Indicators of Success for Parent Representation

During a multi-state forum in 2012, five participating states shared information about parent representation in the child welfare system and learned from national experts about the importance of strong parent representation to achieve reduced lengths of stay in foster care, as well as more stable placements and reunifications.

Through the convening, participants created a series of indicators of success for parent representation. The participating states—Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico—each agreed to pilot some of the measures for one year to test their validity. View the full report here.

The indicators of success for parent representation developed through the forum were:


  • Attorney Appointment
  • Timely Appointment
  • Reasonable Caseloads
  • Continuity of Representation
  • Access to Multi-Disciplinary Staff
  • Parent Attorney-Specific Training and Support


  • Representation Out of Court
  • Representation at Court
  • Attorney Advocacy
  • Appeals

Safety/Permanency/Well-Being and Due Process Measures

  • Prevention
  • Quality Parent Representation Decreases Time to Safe Permanency
  • Parental Satisfaction
  • Obtaining New Attorney
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Holden Slattery
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