Child Welfare

Hearings: With Mom Absent, an Education Plan Stalls

Alex* was 5 years old when he was removed from his home and entered Arizona’s foster care system. Alex was often left alone in his home, went days without a solid meal, and hadn’t yet […]

Child Welfare

Families Helping Families: How One Southwest Border Community Responds to Migrants Seeking Asylum

The Trump administration insists, without evidence, that the thousands of Central American migrants arriving at America’s southern border include scores of criminals and terrorists. But those on the ground in border states tell a different […]


Texas Ruling Won’t Force Appeal in Arizona, States Push to Suspend Indian Child Welfare Act

Arizona attorneys attempted to leverage a recent Texas ruling on the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) to persuade a federal court to re-examine its decision not to hear a related case, but that court declined […]