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Child Welfare

Arizona’s Top Child Welfare Leader Goes on Offensive Against Class Action Lawsuit

Lawsuits, particularly class-action lawsuits, can be used to force public systems to right wrongs and make reparations by ensuring mistakes of the past aren’t repeated. In the case of child welfare, lawsuits are sometimes effective […]

Child Welfare

Arizona Says It Lives Up to Foster Youth Education Law, But Can’t Prove It. Can Others?

In Arizona, as in many other parts of the United States, school stability for foster youth is a significant problem. Forty-two percent of students in foster care switched schools during the school year, according to […]

Child Welfare

Arizona Tax Credit Boosts Foster Care Nonprofits, But At What Cost to Social Services?

In 2016, Arizona enhanced a tax credit program to allow taxpayers to make donations to foster care-related charities in lieu of paying taxes to the state, providing often cash-strapped nonprofits with a new mechanism to […]

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Report: Five States Where Kids Suffer High Rates of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Five states – Arizona, Arkansas, Montana, New Mexico and Ohio – hold the dubious distinction of leading the country in the percentage of children burdened with three or more adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), between birth and […]

A wall with shadows depicts the separation of immigrant families
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How Immigration Policy Divides Families: Q&A with Arizona Advocate Laurie Melrood

Laurie Melrood is a family services consultant to southern Arizona immigrant support organizations, including the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project. She co-edited a family unity manual for immigrant parents detained by Immigrations and Customs […]