Marcia Lowry New York City
Child Welfare

Virtual Visits Are An Abandonment of Foster Children

Across the country, state and county child welfare systems are trying to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, balancing concerns for the safety of the almost 700,000 children who go through the foster care system with […]

Child Welfare

Top Federal Child Welfare Officials: Family is a Compelling Reason

In a world where “social distancing” has become a necessary practice and the primary preventative measure for reducing the spread of coronavirus, we must remember that children in foster care and their families have already been […]

Jerry Milner and Sixto Cancel
Child Welfare

MARCH 19, 3:30 PM EST: Top Trump Child Welfare Official and Former Foster Youth will Host COVID-19 Town Hall

On Thursday, March 19, Jerry Milner of the federal Children’s Bureau is teaming up with former foster youth and tech entrepreneur Sixto Cancel to co-host a virtual town hall inviting foster youth to contribute to the […]

Child Welfare

ICF Gets $98 Million Contract to Continue Leading Federal Child Welfare Assistance

Consulting firm ICF will continue to oversee the federal Child Welfare Capacity Building Center for States, the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) main conduit of training and technical assistance to state and local […]