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Child Welfare

Top New York Judge Endorses Call to Address “Crisis” in Parent Legal Representation

Just months after a new offer of federal funding to help represent parents in child welfare cases, a commission established by New York’s chief judge has called for statewide guarantees of well-funded legal counsel and […]


Report: “Close to Home,” Juvenile Justice Plan Facing Budget Peril, Produces Better Outcomes in New York City

Close to Home, New York City’s effort to keep incarcerated juveniles in nearby rehabilitative facilities, imperiled by recent budget decisions on the state level, have demonstrated signs of success while juvenile incarceration and arrest rates […]

Child Welfare

New York’s Cuomo Proposes Cuts to City’s Child Welfare System; Squabbling Ensues

Sixteen years ago, in the wake of 9/11, then-New York Gov. George Pataki (R) delivered an impassioned speech about rebuilding his shattered state, starting with its children. He spoke evocatively about the dignity of all children, […]

New York City downtown skyline skyscrapers view seen through the bars of a fence on the williamsburg bridge

New York Officials Battle Over the Fate of Innovative Program For Youth Offender Rehabilitation

In what many New York City officials and youth advocates see as a startling and possibly cynical move, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) is pushing a budget proposal that eliminates the $41 million in state […]