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Study Finds Non-Pharmacological Treatments as Effective as Antidepressants

A 2015 study found that non-pharmacological treatments for depression are just as effective as drug alternatives. Antidepressants also pose more serious adverse health risks than their drug-free alternatives. For the sixteen million American adults diagnosed with depressive […]
Children's Mental Health

Focus on the Figures: Hospitalizations for Mental Health

Focus on the Figures is a regular partnership between The Chronicle of Social Change and, a nonprofit dedicated to providing data on the health and well-being of California’s children.   For those challenged by mental health conditions, disorders […]

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Toward Scientific Equity for the Prevention of Depression and Depressive Symptoms in Vulnerable Youth

Eleven researchers studied the effectiveness of preventative measures taken to help vulnerable subpopulations of youth prevent depression. The study was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health Grant and found: A diverse array of preventative strategies will […]