Child Welfare

Washington State’s New Child Welfare Boss Talks Prevention, Retention and Federal Funding

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) signed a bill in July to create a new cabinet-level agency to oversee the children’s issues in the state based on the recommendations of the Washington State Blue Ribbon Commission on the […]

Child Welfare

No Brainers: Congress Should Act Quickly on Home Visiting and Foster Youth Jobs Program

Check back here tomorrow for Youth Services Insider‘s long list of youth-related federal legislation to keep an eye on this fiscal year. But we begin today with two pieces of legislation that, in Youth Services Insider‘s estimation, are no- […]

Child Welfare

What We Can Expect from the Trump Administration

President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s administration and its likely policies pose many more questions than answers.  What does a Trump presidency mean for those in the child welfare field? What impact will Dr. Tom Price, the […]

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Psychopathology in Young Children in Two Types of Foster Care Following Institutional Rearing

The first study to date to explore potential differences in psychiatric symptoms in children placed in different types of foster care. They assessed internalizing disorders, externalizing disorders, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in 54-month-old children […]