Coronavirus Funding for Child Welfare and Family Services

  The coronavirus pandemic has brought about perhaps the strangest inflection point in the history of youth and family services. Many providers are challenged to operate effectively in an environment where in-person contact is shunned, […]


For a Half-Century, Pioneering Reformer Worked To Downsize Juvenile Incarceration

Two decades ago, justice reformers Paul DeMuro and Bart Lubow toured a Cleveland juvenile detention facility with corrections officials. As the group discussed policy and practice while walking along one of the prison-like tiers, DeMuro […]

Juvenile Justice

Too Many L.A. County Low-Level Youth Offenders Still in Custody Amid Pandemic, Advocates Say

Although Los Angeles has released scores of youth offenders from its county-run juvenile halls and camps to prevent the grim march of the coronavirus, hundreds of young people charged with “non-serious or minor offenses” remain […]


Advocates Ask California Supreme Court to Release L.A. Youth from Juvenile Jails as COVID Threat Surges

An escalating pressure campaign that began with letters and public protests on behalf of hundreds of incarcerated youth in Los Angeles reached the highest court in California Tuesday – an appeal by advocates to save […]


Activists Take to the Streets in Cars, Escalating Efforts to Free Incarcerated Youth

Blasting cumbia from car speakers and chanting “detention is deadly!” and “care not cages!” a parade of more than 100 cars, vans and trucks circled downtown Los Angeles’ criminal justice nerve center Tuesday afternoon to […]


Advocates Hope ‘Car March’ Drives Los Angeles to Release Youth from Detention

As social distancing rules have clamped down most of Los Angeles, activists desperate to avoid coronavirus catastrophe in the cramped lockups housing adult and juvenile offenders are taking to the streets – using creativity to […]