Child Welfare

Latonia vs. Chisago County: An African American Woman’s Four-Year Fight for Her Grandson

It has been nearly four full years since Latonia Rolbiecki’s grandson was born and was immediately whisked into foster care by the Chisago County Health and Human Services Department. First, she offered to help her […]

Child Welfare

The Case for Race-Blind Foster Care Removal Decisions

Latagia Tyronce’s two children were playing and one, a toddler, was burned by a blow-dryer. Despite the support of the children’s grandmother, and the compelling evidence that this was an accident, Ohio’s Lucas County Department […]

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Child Welfare

Foster Care Firewalls and Race-Blind Removals: New York Governor’s Provocative Plans for Child Welfare

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) delivered his tenth annual state of the state address yesterday, proposing liberal policy priorities including legalizing recreational marijuana, expanding a child tax credit, and guaranteeing paid sick leave for […]