Child Welfare

Most Foster Youth Can’t Afford Extracurriculars. California Might Pick Up the Tab.

Latrice Ventura, a 23-year-old former foster youth in Los Angeles, participated in a number of extracurricular programs growing up and said they were instrumental in her development. “Each one has taught me something different,” Ventura […]

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Halls Are Not Our Destiny

Counties across California are questioning what has thus far been a hallmark element of a flawed juvenile justice system: juvenile halls. There are many reasons to ask this question at this moment. Juvenile arrests are […]

Child Welfare

The Foster Care System Was Unprepared for The Last Drug Epidemic. Let’s Not Repeat History

Foster care is an imperfect system, often criticized for its failures, bureaucratic inefficiencies, and poverty and racial bias, leading to the harmful and unnecessary removal of children from their homes, disproportionately from homes of poor […]

Child Trauma

Good Health Starts With Smart Screening

Imagine if a few quick questions at your child’s next check-up could unlock the door to your child having improved success in school and work, stronger personal relationships, and a healthier, happier, longer life. What […]