Essentials for Childhood – Steps to Create Safe, Stable, and Nuturing Relationships

The guide covers the critical elements of safe, stable, and nurturing relationships (SSNRs), is organized into four sections that reflect the goals and subsequent steps necessary for community action:

  • Raise Awareness and Commitment to Promote SSNRs and Prevent Child Maltreatment
  • Use Data to Inform Actions
  • Create the Context for Healthy Children and Families Through Norms Change and Programs
  • Create the Context for Healthy Children and Families Through Policies

The scope of child maltreatment is discussed, and common types of abuse are defined. Similarly, the guide describes each component of SSNRs and provides insight into why SSNRs are so important to a child’s well-being. The authors reiterate that while child maltreatment is a pervasive public health concern, it is preventable with the help of communities that are committed to fostering nurturing relationships and safe neighborhoods where today’s children and future generations can flourish.

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