Poetry Contest Honorable Mention: I’ll Be Me

This poem was a highly commended entry in the 2019 Words Unlocked poetry contest hosted by the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings. 

As she flies higher and higher

She finally feels free again

No Worries

No problems

Just the occasional bird

Also free of worries and problems

As she reaches the summit

She has her life planned out

Her dreams

Her passion

Her responsibility

All being shone before her eyes

But what she knows from previous life lessons

Is that what goes up must come down

But she will not lose her touch

She is smart

She is talented

She is unique

Free of flaws and imperfections

She is what every girl wants to be

She is unstoppable

She is determined

She will not let anything get in between

Her goals

Her dreams

Her life

As I awake from my dream

I sit up

And I look around my cell




Cloud my thoughts

And fill my brain

I want to be

Who I am meant to be

I am meant to be

Who I am created to be

But I’m created to be me

So that’s who I’ll be.

Samantha attends school at the Golden Ridge Juvenile Hall in California. 

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